Felix was born in a small town in wales, at the age of 5 Felix and his family moved to London in search of

Felix in Cap-Flap

a "change in scenery". From the age of 5 and over Felix stared in a number of short adverts including, "Felix's Cat Food" and "Cat-Flap". It was when he stared in "Cat Flaps strike 2" that Felix become well known amongst well-known high-budget movie directors.

In 2001 Felix stared in "Thines Rubs His Rod" as "the guy who says something at the very end". His only line was "Hey look, Thines is rubbing his rod!" dispite this limitation Felix was awarded Cat of the Year for his outstanding proformance. Soon after Thines rubs his rod Felix became one of the most talked about Actors in the UK, word soon got to Universal pictures about his proformance in "Thines rubs his rod" and they were more than delighted to keep an eye on him...

Top Gun and international fame!Edit

On 1st September 2005, F
Felix Cruise at the peek of his youth

Felix Cruise in Maverick

elix recieved a call from "CheesyMem" (a young cheese maker nutritiously known for creating "Mem's Cheesy Delights"), Mem informed Felix about a role for a new movie called Top Gun; they were holding auditions for the role of Maverick hosted by Tommy Lee (a well known Film Director). Felix was more than happy to audition for the role of Maverick...

After auditions Felix was given the role of Maverick, little to him that when Top Gun was released he would become a global Star.

Thines Rubs His Rod 2 and the Nobel Cat award!Edit

Years after Felix became an international sensation, Felix started taking Cap-Nip.

"I'd go round to visit him on weekends and week by week he became more addicted to Cap-Nip, I remember once I went to visit him and I saw a mexican guy by the name of Edwardo and a guy na'med Louis snorted shit out of Felix's arsehole... Wah!!

          - Eoghan Wallen (an old friend of Felix)

It got to the point where Felix spent over £300.000 on 100 ounces of Cap-Nip, he soon started to cough up large amounts of blood due to his heavy addiction. His state rid him of movie roles and lost him a-lot of money.

However, when Felix was out to get some more Cap-Nip from Edwardo, he saw a poster of "Thines Rubs His Rod 2 - The rape" He then turned around and walked home to phone "Jeffery" the film director. He was given the role of "guy who laughs". Soon after his role was seen; the world wanted him. He got off Cap-Nip from the help of monkey-fonixs and started to get back into shape.

As of 2010 Felix started to travel the world in search of happyness, until this day he still wonders around.

[It's adviced that you check your cat Flap at night...]

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